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Score! 2$ stamp kit from the Super Saver

I love days off where I can roam around my neighborhood and find cool stuff. Like this stamp kit, I have been looking through amazon for weeks trying to get this exact thing. They weren't what I wanted and way too expensive. Thank you super save of Broadway
Score! 2$ stamp kit from the Super Saver


Wood Grain contact paper at the 99 cent store

I think this is awesome, there’s so much stuff I could do with this. If I had a cat I would cover him in this. Just kidding

Wood Grain contact paper at the 99 cent store

Houses in Victorian Flatbush Brooklyn


Houses in Brookly

Houses in Brookly

Houses in Brookly 

These houses are by Cortelyou rd in brooklyn, the neighborhood doesn't
even have a name it's somewhere between Flatbush, Kensington, and
Prospect heights

You can take house tours of Victorian Flatbush


New trims

These are new trims I just got downtown for jackets and dresses


New trims

Japanese Pattern Book: My First Handmade Baby Top





So after spending a  couple of hours figuring out how to draft the pattern from the confusing Japanese pattern book. I made my first play top , its on sale on my Etsy shop

Affordable Winter Sewing Lessons in Brooklyn. Perfect Gift for Christmas

Colette pattern eclair2 

Colette pattern Chantilly
Colette pattern chantilly3 

Colette Eclair


Colette Dresses


Built By Wendy Smock Dress pattern


Built By Wendy smock dress pattern 

All of the lessons are designed for beginners and taught either at my house or at the students, I can provide a sewing machine and lessons on a serger  My packages are reasonably

 You learn:

– How to read and follow a commercial sewing pattern 
– BUILT BY WENDY Knit Dress /Mini Dress* or Colette pattern of your choice
– How to lay out and cut patterns correctly 
– The differences in fabric, thread, and needles 
– How to sew hems and shorten pants or skirts 
– Pattern and sewing words and terms 
– How to make a chic grocery bag or envelope clutch 
– How to make your own pincushion complete with customized pins! 
– How to adjust tension according to projects 

Smith and Butler, Eva Gentry and other things to do in Cobble Hill


I recently went to Smith and Butler in Brooklyn, the entire store was so pretty I wanted to move in. I wish I had gone there when I actually lived in the neighborhood. This picture came from the Sartorialist but im pretty sure you could buy this entire outfit at Smith and Butler. The store is wonderful and the sales guy a doll the owner was a bit icy.

While your there check out all the cool shops on Atlantic, including Eva Gentry

If your lucky Eva might help you pick something out and if your luckier Gentry might compliment you on it. I went to a BBQ at their house this summer, their home is amazing and they are an amazing couple with great taste, trust their opinion

Is there an item you are currently saving up to buy? 
Eva: A 1965 white convertible Mustang.
Gentry: A 1949 Harley Chopper.

Any trends you like this season? 
Eva: We feel most of our designers have a lot of freedom, and we appreciate each label's own aesthetic. 
Gentry: Something sexy and something leather.

What should everyone have in their closet? 
Eva: Every woman needs something that makes her feel sexy. 
Gentry: Every man needs a great pair of boots.

Finish this sentence: I never leave home without …
Eva: Gold, diamonds, and something by Margiela.
Gentry: A lot of jewelry and a motorcycle helmet.

Read more: Eva and Gentry Dayton Rock His and Hers Jewels — The Cut: New York Magazine's Fashion Blog http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/08/eva_and_gentry_dayton_rock_his.html#ixzz0WPj9PuKO

Deep in Vogue: Another sewing blog to look at

I loved this jacket when I saw it, and was inspired by her shawl collar so much that I altered my Built by Wendy jacket pattern to include one 


The site I called deep in Vogue, designer/gorgeous girl V models her own creations like this mummy dress below, and sells some of her pretty Things online

Deep in vogue

Outsapop: DIY Recycled materials + fashion = trashion.

Outi offers super creative tutorials and DIY inspiration she writes 

"I´m a crafty fashionaddicted girl from Finland. I´ve studied clothes making and graduated in 2000. Nowadays I´m most into customizing clothes for myself. I started this blog to share all the DIY inspiration and recycle fashion ideas I find online and my own DIY fashion"

Visit :outsapop.com

-Raven Burgos